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Current mood, well let's just say Monochrome is our mood 24/7!

What's there not to love about monochrome as your colour pallet of choice. You can do no wrong really! Black, whites & grey's that go with just about anything and also allow you to add that 'pop' of colour. We talk all things monochrome in your living, kitchen, bathroom.....well the entire house really!!!!!


That rug though, what a stunner! This is what sets the tone in this scandi-inspired living room. It's the focal point, laying down a firm monochrome pallet allowing the blonde timber furniture to pop against the white on white walls and the added textures of leather & fabrics in the cushions & throw to melt into that pristine white couch. Can you hear us swooning from here?


Simple yet sophisticated and a damn good example of how a monochrome pallet can create a space where your artwork shines like a diamond. Clearly this living room is all about that art, and why shouldn't it be, I mean it's channelling some serious NYC & London vibes.

The low sunken white couch helps to create & define the feeling of a spacious living room where a whole-lotta-relax is clearly going down!


Geometric lines in black & white paired back with a super soft grey couch......hell yes people, hell yes! Don't be afraid to use sharp lines & kaleidoscopic curves in your decor, just remember to keep your other items simple & sophisticated and your geo babies will stand out and sing on your monochrome pallet. Hit up the Electric Eyes Shop to grab a few of our Monochrome babies currently in stock........

Electric Eyes Barro Basket Trio in Nero

Reverse the Cross Blanket, avail. in two sizes

Jamie Murcutt Interior Print

Prison Break Cushion, avail. in 3 sizes & two colour ways


Calling all lovers of a Monochrome Kitchen, check this baby out! Over-sized black flood light pendant lamps, white tiles with black grout (YES PLEASE!), black chalkboard walls and don't forget the added touch of a hanging basket pendant light in light blonde straw. We just want to have breakfast, lunch & dinner right here right now.


Crisp white bench tops, sleek chrome fixtures and let's not forgot that black rattan chair in the foreground. Everything about this monochrome kitchen tells us the owner's got style, and bucket loads. Keep it simple is really hard to do but this kitchen screams style baby, style!


There's nothing like adding monochrome in the form of a feature wall or floor. These Beaumont Tiles beauties capture the essence of monochrome perfectly, and to add more style, it's been designed in a geo pattern. Ok, we can all go home now cause they are our favourite. 


Don't forgot, monochrome is your best friend when tackling interior design & interior styling. It creates clean, crisp, stylish & light filled spaces and allows you to get as creative as you like, so don't waste time, get your paint brush & roller out and start creating those crisp white walls. We can't wait to see what you come up with

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