Moroccan Dreaming

Let's all just pause for a moment, close our eyes and think of Morocco......our jaws are literally on the floor as we dream (and drool) of this design lovers playground. What are you thinking of?

Sit back, relax and let your retina's soak in these ah-mazing images of one of our favourite places in the whole world. Where else can you find hand-woven wool rugs, woven baskets, embossed silverware, wedding blankets, piping hot sweet tea, spices & stews - we could really go on & on & on & on........

Open air courtyards, roof top sanctuary & a view that lasts for days & days. 

Pastel hues as you walk the streets featuring pops of greenery in hanging pots. Outdoor living at it's best.


And endless pool of Moroccan patterned tiles creating the most stunning reflection and an architects dream.

Duck egg blue paired back with tangy burnt orange, a match made in Moroccan heaven. If you need us, we'll be having our afternoon siesta right here!

Handmade at its best. Every piece of fibre has been hand woven & stitched by the Moroccan people. What better way than to add that pop of colour to your home with a Moroccan Kelim cushion.

Over-sized floor cushions in deep & earthy tones complimenting that mind blowing parquetry tiled floor. 

Fancy free with tassels & bombs of colour

Moroccan wedding blankets en mass OH MY GOD!!!!!

Marble fountains & white decorative screening reminiscent of a handmade lace wedding gown. This place blows out mind.


Now get on a plane quick smart and land yourself in dreamy Morocco, you won't regret it. 

EE xx











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