Warehouse Conversions: Our Favourite Finds

What would you do if you got your hands on a warehouse and you could do whatever you wanted to the space to make it your own? Would you live in it? Would you rent it out? Would you turn it into a grungy industrial cafe?

The opportunities truly are endless so we thought we'd share some of our all-time favourite warehouse conversions and swoon over what other creatives have done with their precious over-sized bundles of commercial real estate gold.


Ok, we know right! WTF!!!!!! Nothing like adding a lap pool in your warehouse. This warehouse conversion on Bridge St in Tempe, Sydney is bind-blowing. We hear it rents out at $1600p/w....money very well spent if you ask us.


Oh-me-oh-my! Look at this blank canvas. Our minds are currently running wild with ideas on what we could create inside this warehouse conversion found in Redfern, Sydney. Sadly no longer on the market, this stunning piece of property was scooped up by architect Peter Russell & his wife who purchased the property back in 2012. Jealous much?????


You want to talk about open-plan living, well this one takes the cake. A stunning minimal & spacious warehouse conversion located in Yoro, Japan. Simplicity in a large space can be really difficult to achieve, you need a keen eye for detail & design and most importantly you need restraint, so let's just say the creator of this masterpiece holds all of these elements firmly in his/her hand.


Can you believe this beauty used to be a brothel? Situated in Richmond, Melbourne, this piece of real estate treasure hits a home run with us. Who else requires an indoor swimming pool in their house (our hands a firmly held toward the sky)!!!


Partition perfection (boom!). This warehouse conversion in Brooklyn defines space & key areas of the home to-a-tee. Those frosted glass sliding doors set the tone and what can we say about those aztec rugs, not much really other than WE WANT THEM in our house. What a way to create a warm humble little abode in a ginormous space where walls seem like a distant memory.

EE xx


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