Ethical, Sustainable living: Why we choose Faux Fur

Here at Electric Eyes, we are big on ethical, sustainable and environmentally friendly living and being a homewares brand we believe this mantra should also extend to the home, which is why we choose Faux Fur. 
While the reasons for this choice seem clear, it comes down to the simple fact that over 50 million animals are being killed each year for their fur!!!!!, which should be enough to turn anyone off purchasing a fur item. 
However, we do understand, from a design perspective, many value fur because of its inherent style, look and feel.  But not to worry because we do have a cruelty free option that doesn’t compromise quality or style – ‘Faux Fur.’
And THANK GOODNESS because we love it too. 
Faux Fur looks luxurious, feels great, and is consistent with our philosophy, which makes us feel good about what we do.
We found some of our favourite styled shots of homes using beautiful faux fur pieces.
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While faux fur is not only better, it really is the only option.

 You can shop our faux fur range here

The ‘Tula and ‘Phoenix’ Faux Fur Cushions



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