From Turkey, With Love

Today we're delving into the background of our pride, our joy, our authentic and one-off Turkish pots...

Often referred to as Ödemiş pots, jars and urns after the Western Anatolian region of Turkey from which they first came, these vessels were originally used to store honey, wine, water, olives and olive oil over the ‘non-productive’ seasons. Traditionally the pots have a conical shape – a narrow base with a wider middle, tapering again to a narrow opening at the top. Their distinctive shape enabled the pots to be buried in the ground as a natural way to keep them cool and preserve the items inside. Which we think is pretty cool indeed.

The pots were of such value historically that Turkish brides would even have these storage vessels as part of their dowries (or çeyiz) when entering their new families… Today however, we like to see them styled at home or in-store with beautiful lush plants or dried textural elements such as palm leaves, reeds and grasses. Marriage contract entirely optional.

Equal parts statement and understated, sculptural and versatile, our vintage whitewashed Ödemiş pots create truly authentic Mediterranean vibes.

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