Plant Styling for the Home

It's amazing what a little greenery can do to a space. We like to think they breathe life into a room and transform a dull space into a type of fresh sanctuary. Not only can a plant purify the air but they can be used as a superb decorative piece that is as good as any lamp or art piece hanging in the corner of your home.  
With indoor plants becoming a seemingly more popular way to brighten up the home there is no reason why you don’t jump on board and try putting a lush fern in the bathroom or a more structural plant in the living room. The whole idea of bringing nature inside is what we’re all about at Electric Eyes and we have a feeling this trend isn’t going to fade anytime soon. 
However, choosing the right plant can be tricky because of the abundance of options available. Electric Eye’s owner and creative director, Ash Macedo explains you need to identify the mood you want your space to have, then find a plant that creates it, whether it’s from the foliage, the colour or the height. Incorporate different tones and shapes, use a single plant to make a bold statement, or different-sized plants to create a tiered effect. And from here you can’t really go wrong.
The top indoor plants on our list are:
(1) The Fiddle Leaf Fig, has become the go-to option for adding greenery to the living room because of the size they can grow. 
(2) Succulents are a great option because they are small and portable, perfect for sitting on a bookshelf but it's important to remember these guys also require a bit of sunlight. 
(3) The Lady Palm, makes for a tropical paradise another great indoor option that adapts to most climates, making her a great choice that can also make a room look that bit more exotic.
(4) The Zanzibar Gem, has a two-tone waxy foliage, which requires very little care, making it the perfect indoor option for those busy or forgetful.  
Below are some of our fav indoor plant styling pics to get you inspired. Grab your next indoor pant from us 

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