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GREEN: A brief guide to indoor plants

It’s safe to say that plants are our thing, just like coffee filled mornings and a good wine in the bath.. Let’s introduce you to a few of our faves: Fiddle Leaf Fig The Ficus Lyrata or commonly known Fiddle Leaf Fig is a bold leafed beauty that has seen a surge in popularity over the last few years and boy does she love the attention. There are roughly 850 species of Ficus, but somehow the Fiddle Leaf just stands out. The large glossy leaves and slender woody stems can sometimes climb up to 6 metres in a home environment given the right TLC but they also look just as cute in smaller pots and baskets. Fiddle leaf figs prefer...

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An Expert's Guide to Styling Your House with Plants

Our very own Electric Eye’s Owner / Creative Director Ash Macedo recently had the pleasure of sitting down with Nicola Heath for Broadsheet Melbourne and Henkell Australia to talk all things Greenery, Styling & Design. Below you can read the full article and immerse yourself in the beautiful imagery showcasing Ash’s wonderfully green creations.   "An Expert's Guide to Styling Your House with Plants"by NICOLA HEATH & Photography by PARKER BLAIN One leaf. That’s all it takes to tie different elements of a space together says interior stylist Ashley Macedo. In partnership with Henkell Blanc de Blancs, a stylish new way to enjoy sparkling wine, we find out how. Interior design isn’t any one thing. From floor coverings to lighting, food...

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