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Our Barro Baskets in White ZigZag, Black, Black ZigZag & Natural (pictured)

Barro is a Spanish word meaning ‘mud’, a word that implies being from-the-earth, simple living, handmade fair and natural forms. In fact our Barro baskets have been handwoven out of seagrass, which we can only imagine was hand picked from the bottom of the ocean by mermaids (and not those look-nice-but-turn-out-to-be-evil mermaids from the movies - the friendly kind. Obviously).

Use them to house your plants and greenery, store magazines or towels, carry things on your head, or collapse them down to create a decorative woven bowl for your produce.

See how some of our clients and customers have styled theirs..

Got your fill of inspo yet?


Available in styles as pictured above and sizes as listed below.


20cm diameter at opening

30cm diameter at widest part of basket (middle)

28cm high


22cm diameter at opening

36cm diameter at widest part of basket (middle)

32cm high


33cm diameter at opening

43cm diameter at widest part of basket (middle)

34cm high


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